FMF: Mess

I’ve been a mess with my priorities lately. I start taking college courses in a few weeks. I had some important tests to take this week so I decided to step back and unplug- it’s helped me to refocus in my mess.

“Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.” 1 John 5:21 NLT

In the King James Version, it says, keep yourselves from idols. If I am being honest, there are ‘idols’ placed in my heart that needed removed asap. Well, not completely removed, but to refocus my time being spent on these idols. It was affecting precious time with Jesus, my children, communication with my husband, studying for my future career, and sleepless nights.  Idols that have sucked up my time and attention away from those who matter the most in my life. They were idols that came before God and family! (hard to admit that, but it’s the truth)  I’ve made some changes this week and it’s been great. I’ve been praying my little heart out and leaning toward God to guide me because it’s definitely a mess!  I love that MESS is part of the word MESSAGE because we always have a message to share and it usually comes during or after our mess. I wouldn’t be able to share this message with you if God didn’t take me through some mess. I used to think I had to go through my mess alone. Out of fear of judgement from others. But wow I realize everyone goes through the same mess as me and it’s okay to admit it.  It’s not about our mess per-say, it’s about Jesus being there to walk through it with us. It’s about walking with others through their mess and telling them it’s okay..I am a mess too!  The beauty of our mess…is being able to fix our eyes on the one who is overflowing with grace…who will help and not judge.




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P.S. Karen Welch (We are that family) has written a book called, Rhinestone Jesus. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Here is a snippet:

Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough, is proof that we actually can say yes long before we think we’re ready. We just need to be willing. – See more at:

I saw Kristen Welch speak at the INRL conference and her story captured my heart. I love how she encouraged Moms in their ordinary lives. We can say yes in our mess. “The reason God uses ordinary people is because he receives the glory.” Karen Welch.. Amen.



FMF: Friend

ImageWhat a friend we have in Jesus…Have you heard that song?? I love it! He knows our deepest secrets and sees us at our worst and best times. We can talk to him about ANYTHING and  it’s between you and Him. He is there always to listen, protect, heal, and guide you through all your messiness. You don’t have to be on your best behavior or put on a mask before you come to God. He already knows everything about you. He doesn’t judge you, but only love you and pour His grace on you. He is only the one that can make our dreams come true through prayers and he is the only one that can heal our wounds when nobody else can. Or to bring us joy when we feel alone. He truly cares about us.

His word is truth therefore we can put our trust in Him completely! What a privilege it is that he would entrust us with the title… ‘friend.’ Who are we to even be worthy of such? But through His obedience to God he made a way for us to have fellowship with the Father. {1 John 1:3} Friendships with people are a blessing. We need each other for encouraging, praying, reproving, growing, and running the race of faith together. One the best quotes I read about friendship in a book called, “Friendship-cultivating the relationships that enrich our lives by Marilyn Meberg”

The best kind of friendships in life are those who encourage us to be ourselves and love us despite our wrinkles and warts. They have a knack for drawing the best out of us and challenging us to grow into all we’re meant to be-in our journeys of life and faith.

I love that! It’s the foundation of friendship in my eyes. We should be genuine with our friends. Just letting them see the real you. And I must say I have a few like that. I thank the Lord for blessing my life with wonderful friends in real-life and online. I love in her book Marilyn says,

 “Jesus doesn’t want us to look at the surface level, but to look at the deeper issues of the heart.”

Amen! I love heart connections! Friends are a gift from God! They strengthen our hearts and sharpen us. However, God will be your greatest friend. He is the one you can count on the most!

Never forget that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5

That is a true friend.

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These women open up their lives and are brave to share their stores with us. Some of these women I have come to know through blogging. Their hearts and writing for Jesus are beautiful.  I love this community.  Check out the video.


FMF: Paint

Quote-Vincent-Van-Gogh-paint**Imagine us sitting across from each other drinking a cup of tea or whatever your favorite drink is..because I am here to encourage your heart**

PAINT AWAY friend! Yes you! Paint away with your words…silence that inner critic– that tells you your words don’t matter. silence the inner critic– that tells you your story is worthless –nobody will care.. Because friend God says your words matter…your story matters..if you think no one cares, He cares.. His presence is there and he sees you writing your heart out…maybe to speak for a conference, or preparing a message for your bible study group, or a blog post.. Silence the inner critic–that says you can’t do it and that you’re not a leader because you don’t have a “title” next to your name…When you do that voice is silenced giving no more room for the enemy’s lies.  Words of life bring healing to a hurting soul….Words of life..bring hope to someone who feels hopeless..It will get messy in the process, but it will look beautiful in the end because Jesus uses beautiful imperfect people to bear His name. He created unique individuals that he molded and crafted into a beautiful painted picture of His grace & mercy. We are ALL in need of this everyday. And we want YOUR story, YOUR words,  not someone else’s. There is no one like you in this world…(message to myself). Check out what Romans 12 verse 4,5,6 says…

For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function,so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly… Romans 12:4,5,6

LOVE! So encouraging sisters. We don’t have the same function. We have gifts that are different according to the grace given to us. We are so undeserving for Him to  speak through us, BUT by his Grace we are privileged and we should honor that gift. Whatever gift he has blessed us with.

So go paint on with your words, speaking, serving… silence that inner critic… He sees you and that is what matters…:- )

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