YouTubers I Love!!

Hello everyone! My second video on Youtube is about Youtubers I love! I’ve been watching YouTube videos on YouTube for ten years and I watched mainly singing videos. I’ve watched Justin Bieber as a little kid singing cover songs and just knew he would be a big pop star!! It’s so cool to see him live his dream follow his music career all from starting a YouTube page. Then, I got into watching makeup hauls and hair tutorials. I’ve watched lots of encouraging sermons on there too. Recently, I’ve watched a lot of prank videos and people doing challenges mainly the YouTube couple channels. There are more YouTubers I would love to share with you all, but for a lack of time, I only shared two with you guys. Kyrah & Kaelin are the whole package. They do pranks, challenges, vlogs, and random videos. I just started watching them not too long ago so they definitely will hit a million subscribers I’m sure. And the other YouTuber I picked is my long time friend Ina. I’ve known her online for many years. I’ve never met her, but we both have kindred spirits for the Lord and I enjoy her videos. She also does not live in the US. She lives in Norway so her journey is very interesting. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and see you all next week!!!






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