Growing & Learning

Hello! Whoever is reading this. Happy New Year! This past year has been filled with challenges, heartache, and overall it’s been a growing and learning experience for me.

b0uvww4iaaamjoiOne thing I learned this past year is loving who I am with all my flaws and knowing the person God has created. Learning to be okay with being me. You and I  can’t be okay with being ourselves if we choose to listen to those being critical toward us. There are hurting people walking around and most times people are dealing with their own personal issue and they are taking it out on us. Sometimes you can’t take it personal. Learn to love who you are despite the way people treat you. When you know who you are those critical people can’t get to your soul. I believe what God says about me more than anyone so that keeps me grounded. It’s more than just reading you have to really believe what God is saying and let it get into the core of your being so that it affects all that you do. I’m so ready to go deeper with God again because I know when I’m closer to Him. I make the right decisions and live my life to make Him proud. I can’t be the best version of myself without God’s help. He is the key to consistent change in my life. He helps me to be a better friend, Mama, and just an overall better person. I can’t let anyone sway my decision I made years ago to follow God with my whole being. I’m so thankful for Him giving me a second chance at this thing called life.

My life will never be perfect. I’m not looking for that “perfect” life. I’m looking for God’s help in this imperfect world. I’m leaning on Him to show me the way to live and not leaning on myself. Leaning on him to show me how to love others and forgive those that hurt my heart ( also to apologize to those that I hurt). I pray for God’s healing this year and his continuing guidance in my life. I want to be filled up with Him and follow His ways. With his help, I will continue to know who I am and love who I am by knowing HIM!




Cheers to 2017!




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