New day, New mind



I often hear the phrase at the start of a New Year… “New Year, New me.” I get why people say this, but what are people actively doing in their lives to change the new “me.” Are people just saying it because it sounds good? maybe. But what I am learning for myself is I don’t want a new “me.” I am thankful for how God created me. Years ago, I wasn’t thankful for how God created me because I hated myself. I let too many people take control of my mind and thoughts. I believed all the lies. (I think it’s important we teach our children to be kind to others. It starts at a young age where children start molding their minds to think a certain way. Be consisitent in their lives and encourage their hearts. Remind them that God loves everything about them even when someone says something unkind to them.)   It wasn’t until I met a man named Jesus who has made me feel so secure in myself that I’ve grown into a woman who now loves what He created and can confidently be there for others in a real way.  I promise you when you start to believe His truth over the lies your heart and mind begins to unfold into something real beautiful.

I believe in renewing our minds and that brings change in our circumstances and how we view ourselves. When you’re secure in who you are there is nothing that anyone can say because their validation is not important when you already validated by Jesus. He sees through all our weaknesses and still whispers, “come to me daughter. I want  you to know I still love you and I want you to be free from this sin. Let me help you.”

I’ve gone through some major hardships in 2015. I won’t go into details because I don’t believe that will help anything. I don’t blog to put people on blast. I blog to put Jesus on blast and how he can help through the most difficult times of one’s life. He is the ONLY one that will walk with you through the fire without leaving your side. I can trust Him to lead me the right way because He judges righteously. He teaches me grace and forgiveness behind what my flesh wants to do. I want do the opposite of what God expects. I get so stuck in my emotions that sometimes that takes over rather than me sitting quiet before the Lord and listen to the Holy Spirit. I want to led by the Spirit and not driven by my emotions.

I’m me, I’m free. I’ve flown into 2016 a free woman. Free from other’s control of my life. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we allow other’s to control us. Break free. Don’t allow others to make you feel any other way than what God promises us. His word lasts forever. He says you are chosen, forgiven, accepted. (Ephesians 1-14) Don’t believe in people that spew tainted words about yourself, but believe in Jesus’ perfect words.



God bless you all!

Happy New Year!!!


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