FMF: Friend

ImageWhat a friend we have in Jesus…Have you heard that song?? I love it! He knows our deepest secrets and sees us at our worst and best times. We can talk to him about ANYTHING and  it’s between you and Him. He is there always to listen, protect, heal, and guide you through all your messiness. You don’t have to be on your best behavior or put on a mask before you come to God. He already knows everything about you. He doesn’t judge you, but only love you and pour His grace on you. He is only the one that can make our dreams come true through prayers and he is the only one that can heal our wounds when nobody else can. Or to bring us joy when we feel alone. He truly cares about us.

His word is truth therefore we can put our trust in Him completely! What a privilege it is that he would entrust us with the title… ‘friend.’ Who are we to even be worthy of such? But through His obedience to God he made a way for us to have fellowship with the Father. {1 John 1:3} Friendships with people are a blessing. We need each other for encouraging, praying, reproving, growing, and running the race of faith together. One the best quotes I read about friendship in a book called, “Friendship-cultivating the relationships that enrich our lives by Marilyn Meberg”

The best kind of friendships in life are those who encourage us to be ourselves and love us despite our wrinkles and warts. They have a knack for drawing the best out of us and challenging us to grow into all we’re meant to be-in our journeys of life and faith.

I love that! It’s the foundation of friendship in my eyes. We should be genuine with our friends. Just letting them see the real you. And I must say I have a few like that. I thank the Lord for blessing my life with wonderful friends in real-life and online. I love in her book Marilyn says,

 “Jesus doesn’t want us to look at the surface level, but to look at the deeper issues of the heart.”

Amen! I love heart connections! Friends are a gift from God! They strengthen our hearts and sharpen us. However, God will be your greatest friend. He is the one you can count on the most!

Never forget that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5

That is a true friend.

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These women open up their lives and are brave to share their stores with us. Some of these women I have come to know through blogging. Their hearts and writing for Jesus are beautiful.  I love this community.  Check out the video.



18 thoughts on “FMF: Friend

  1. Popping over here from FMF- love this quote you shared, “The best kind of friendships in life are those who encourage us to be ourselves and love us despite our wrinkles and warts. They have a knack for drawing the best out of us and challenging us to grow into all we’re meant to be-in our journeys of life and faith.”

  2. Beautiful post, Rebecca. I love that hymn and you have shared some fabulous quotes too. Funny how I don’t participate in FMF but I ended up writing about the friends who have encouraged my heart this past week. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Much love.

    • Hey Beth! Thank you for your encouragement. Those quotes spoke out to me and I hold dear to them. I need to stop by and read your latest post I believe I missed that one. I love that you’re doing Love Dare. That is one of my favorite books on marriage hands down!!! I can read that book again. Praying the times goes fast for you and the hubby. I know being away from your hubby is no fun! Deployments for me seem long, but when he gets home it’s like we’re on our honeymoon, lol. Take care and i’ll be praying for you..:) Hugs!

    • Karrilee, Hello sweet friend!!!!! That makes me smile that you got that from reading this. Sometimes I feel I don’t convey exactly what I want to say how the Spirit is leading me. But yes I do value real friendships!! Thanks for stopping by. ((HUGS))

  3. i love the reference to this old hymn…its lyrics are so beautiful and touching..down deep…soul water..its so wonderful to have a friendship where your yucky days aren’t reasons to hide, but reasons to sit side by side…

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