A precious life.

0423142314 (1).jpgMy dear sister’s birthday was on Tuesday. She makes me smile really big!! Her life is a reminder that God gives second chances. It’s truly a miracle from God that she survived her last pregnancy. Ten years ago, my sister gave birth to her first daughter Daija. We assumed it would be a  celebration full of joy and excitement, but quickly it turned into a nightmare. Loss of blood which required a blood transfusion, kidney failure, and blind in one eye. I remember getting the call from my Mama and my heart sank! She told me her c-section didn’t go well. She explained everything that happened and my sister woke up blind in one eye. At this point I am shaky, terrified, and heart-broken! After I got off the phone with my Mom.  My husband and I packed our things and drove ten hours to Michigan. It was imperative that we were at my sister’s side.  On the way there, my stomach was in knots and my heart was sad that my sister was going through that. All I could do in those moments was pray to God that she would still be alive when we seen her. When we arrived at the hospital, she was back to her normal self. All that terror was over and she could see me. Her blindness went away. I gave her a huge hug and thanked God for my sister surviving all that trauma. However she had to endure dialysis from her kidney failure. It was sad to see my sister in pain. I am glad she had family there for comfort and support. We spent some time with my niece and I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was so precious.   0423142315.jpg My dad was alive at this time and he gave her a teddy bear, but not just any teddy bear, this stuffed animal sung the chorus to “Wind beneath my wings” by Bette Midler. My dad definitely brighten up everyone’s mood. What a special gift and memory we have in our hearts. We will never forget that time my Dad did that for my sister. He expressed his love through these words…”did you ever know that your my hero.” ah brings me to tears. God spared her life and I am so glad I’ve been able to create memories and spend the last ten years with her. This was not the first trauma my sister had to go through. Oh my sister’s aching heart! Her second pregnancy ended up being premature with my nephew. He weighed only 2 pounds. I vaguely remember that time,  but I am sure her heart was in pain to see her son in an incubator. Praise God we didn’t lose him. In some circumstances death happens unexpectedly. I think about how we almost lost my sister and then the loss of our Daddy unexpectedly. I think about what I would have done differently. It’s teaching me to pay more attention and value people’s lives and their hearts. To never give up on reaching my loved ones and others with the gospel (never stop praying for family, don’t give up hope).  It’s teaching me to not hold back my love, but to give it freely. To be more kind and never hold back an encouraging word—those words someone needs to hear. Who do you need to forgive today?? Are you still holding a grudge from years ago? Please ask God to help you let it go if you find it difficult.

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. James 4:14

Remember to always tell and (if you can) show your loved ones how much you love and care for them. My sister’s life is precious to me because of what she endured and conquered.  I’ve had some wonderful memories with my sister since then and I can’t imagine her not being with us. But I thank the Lord that she is. I love you sister..cheers to many more years! Your life is a gift and you’re loved, chosen, and accepted by God. Chase after Him, He will never disappoint you. Your life proves how faithful God is.

 My sister’s precious family! I love them so much!

She is able to see her kids all grown up! 🙂

L to R: Justin, Matthew,  my sis, Ricco, Daija


 Thanks sis for your permission to let me tell your story. I believe it will inspire someone.

Linking up with Beth over at Simply Beth. She is doing the Love Dare. Go over and read her post. I love that book. It’s one I recommend for sure!

With His Love,




4 thoughts on “A precious life.

  1. What a beautiful testimony. Thank you so much for sharing with us. As I do this Love Dare, God is using it to speak to my heart not only on loving my husband, but how I’m choosing to love others too. What keeps going through my mind is how love ALWAYS wins. It really, truly does. I’m so glad you are joining us every week. I love getting to know you better. Blessings. xoxoxo

    • Thanks Beth! Yes! You’re right, love does truly win. I enjoy reading your journey. It’s a book I might just dig in again:) I love getting to know you too Beth. I love your link up:) Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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