A Fresh Start

no filter..picture taken behind my new backyard:)

no filter..picture taken behind my new backyard:)

Welcome to my new writing place. It’s a fresh start for a new season the Lord has me in from my marriage, my children/home, and relationships. I’ve been at blogger since 2007, however I’ve been writing about Jesus since 2001. (This place shall be where I stay put. After blogger I went to weebly and I didn’t really like it. So here I am at wordpress. I posted a few blog posts at weebly but I couldn’t transfer the posts or comments. I appreciate y’all encouragement!)

I’ve been praying for the last three months about this blog. Honestly, I thought it was time for me to step away for good, but every time I am away from blogging. I am compelled to write and encourage others. The last post I wrote there was back in December of last year.  I was letting y’all know my one word for 2014. Which by the way it’s TRUST. The year before that it was FEARLESS. It’s been a process for me with that word fear, but I am continuing on my journey with that word even though my word this year is trust. You see although I have faced some of my fears I realized it took a lot of me trusting in God to get me through those fears. I was facing them head on and God was helping me through them. I was trusting God and putting it into action and not just speaking words. Now I am learning when you trust in God…fear starts to diminish..when I choose to trust there is peace in my circumstances. Fear cripples my freedom and keeps me in a cage and I refuse to stay there. I want to be free like a bird don’t you? I will obey His word and believe what I read word by word…verse by verse. Cheers to a fresh start! I am here to encourage your heart as God speaks to me through his precious word. I want to write more about my passions in hope to bring awareness for those who don’t have a voice.  Thanks for coming along this faith journey of mine. I truly am grateful for you dear reader who takes the time and reads what I have to say. Most of all I hope whatever I write it compels us to search the scriptures and seek God more:)

Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.. Isaiah 40:31

With Love,


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